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iSkool.Me was created in response to the global need to shift to online learning. Learning doesn't stop at any age. This platform aims to provide a means to improve people's lives through new skills and knowledge without the boundaries of location. iSkool.Me provides a training platform for both organized institutions, such as schools, and freelance teachers who would like to share their expertise in their field. It can accommodate thousands of trainers in the field of academics, entrepreneurship, IT and programming, arts, lifestyle, health and wellness, language, music and more.

The Core of iSkool.Me

All trainings are provided by experts in their field, who personally manage the content. Lectures are presented in video, slide, or PDF format. In addition, the instructor can set assessments to check the learning of the student before final certification.


How do I take a course in iSkool.Me?

You may take iSkool.Me public courses on-demand. If you see a course you like, you may enroll, and start and complete it at your convenience. There is no deadline, and you can repeat each video as much as you want. For trainings under an institution/school, the formal teacher can set the start and deadlines, as this may form part of a bigger course requirement. After you enroll in a course, your trainer will send you a private link that you can access after logging into the site.

What devices can I use with iSkool.Me?

You may access your course from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, and smart phones. You can also use any internet browser.

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